Wednesday, June 21, 2017

You Shall Know that the LORD has Sent Me

After God told the children of Israel to turn away from the Promised Land after their refusal to go into the land, dissension rose up in the camp. Korah, a Levite and cousin of Moses and Aaron, accused Moses and Aaron of taking too much authority. As we shall see as we examine this passage, Korah’s motivation was his desire for power and position. He wanted to be both leader and high priest, the positions that Moses and Aaron held. The congregation was ready to follow Korah; after all wasn’t it time for a new leader? Moses and Aaron hadn’t led them into a land flowing with milk and honey as they had promised! But, God was about to demonstrate to the congregation just who belonged to Him and whom He had sent. Yeshua would face these same challenges; how were the people to know that God sent Him?


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