Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Shadows of the Messiah in the Torah - Vol. 2 Now Available

Brenda and I are proud to announce the publication of our 2nd book in the Shadows of the Messiah in the Torah series.  It is now available from El Shaddai Ministries. This series is design for a home study group to introduce Hebrew Roots concepts to your friends and neighbors. Each volume contains 12 independent lessons that are non-sequential. That is, they don't need to be presented in any specific order.

These books are 3 hole punched and come bound in a temporary binding designed to be discarded and the materials placed in your own 3 ring binder. Each lesson consists of a "leader's" section and a "student notes" section for you to make copies of for each of your group participants. There are also general handouts in each volume covering general topics common to many lessons in the volume.

Brenda and I are very excited to offer this important material. It is our prayer that it will be put to good use in reaching more of the mainstream Christian community. Our theme verse is taken from Luke 24:27 "And beginning with Moses and all the prophets, he (Jesus) explained to them what was in all the scriptures concerning himself." This series will eventually consist of 4 volumes of 48 lessons total.

To purchase the Shadows of the Messiah in the Torah books, please visit the El Shaddai Ministries web store at

שלום ברוך
Shalom and Be Blessed
Dan & Brenda Cathcart

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