Tuesday, March 28, 2017

When You Draw Near

God’s desire is to have a relationship with the people He created, both individually and collectively. He chose the Children of Israel specifically to be His people. He told them to build a Tabernacle for Him so He could dwell among them. When the Tabernacle was completed, God’s glory entered the Tabernacle. God was dwelling in the middle of the camp of the Children of Israel. But there was a problem; no one could approach the Tabernacle, not even Moses. Even though the physical Tabernacle of God was right in the center of the camp, no one could actually enter the Tabernacle. How could God have a relationship with man if no one could approach Him? How could man relate to God when they had to keep their distance? How could man know God and be able to trust Him to care for them when they couldn’t draw near?

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  1. Awesome not jealous per se just desiring to be able to do and be a part of "the result" Perhaps Yeshua will send a trustworthy partner/friend to help here; keep em coming. Jehovah Immanuel love of my life


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