Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Judah and Joseph - Part 2: Brothers Reconciled

Jacob had twelve sons, but two of those sons, Judah and Joseph, end up with the birthright and the blessing of Abraham. As Judah and Joseph are introduced and begin to play a more prominent role in the Bible, the primary story line follows that of Joseph, but Judah’s story is inserted into the narrative. The story, then, reverts to Joseph. Finally, as the story of Joseph reaches a conclusion, Judah once more plays a prominent role. In part one, we examined Judah’s story. We followed along as Judah’s character was shaped by the loss of two sons and the unexpected gift of two others. Judah learned empathy and compassion for others. Now, in this second part of our teaching, we will examine Joseph’s story and how the refining of Judah and Joseph’s characters allowed them to be reconciled.


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