Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Raising the Tabernacle of David HD

Acts 15 records the meeting of the leading disciples of Yeshua as they discussed the phenomenon of the Gentiles coming to faith in Yeshua and the problems that rose because of it. First and foremost, was determining whether Gentiles must convert to Judaism to be saved. Paul, Barnabas, and Peter testified that the Holy Spirit fell on Gentiles just like it did on the Jews supporting the idea that Gentiles didn’t need to convert to Judaism to be saved! This rocked the theology of the Jews! What was God doing? God had specifically set apart the Hebrew people to be his own special people, and, now, He is granting salvation to the Gentiles! How can this be? How can anyone properly worship God without becoming a Jew?


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  1. I appreciate you both for the time and talent you come up for your messages...as well as the Shadow's of the Messiah....keep em coming.............prayers in return.............I missed your call Brenda.


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