Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Jewish People Will Always Prevail!

The Jewish people have endured an unbelievable amount of persecution over the centuries. But because of the promise to Abraham, they will always prevail. As with the wilderness experience, many will die on the journey to the promised land. The birth of the modern nation of Israel is only the begininng of the return of the Jewish people to the land deeded to them by God. A repentance and return to Torah is the next step just as it happened after the Babylonian exile. Only this time ALL the Jews will return to the land! The Tenakh is replete with prophesies concerning this latter day exodus.

Here are a few pictures of a restored Synagoge in Berlin Germany. Hitler is gone! The people of God remain!

Shalom and Be Blessed

PS: I believe that the pictures are from the Associated Press. They were emailed to me with no photo credit.

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