Saturday, February 4, 2017

The Sign of Jonah in Samson - Part 5

Samson’s actions, also, give us a picture of the time of Yeshua. We already saw a foreshadowing of the circumstances leading up to Yeshua’s birth. As we jump forward to the time when Yeshua starts His ministry, we see opposition and lack of understanding from His family similar to what Samson experienced. When Yeshua first goes to Capernaum early in His ministry, His mother and brothers don’t understand His mission and seek to bring Him home. Capernaum was a cosmopolitan city consisting of Jews and Gentiles, synagogues and temples to other gods. Let’s just say Capernaum did not have a healthy moral atmosphere. I can imagine Mary asking Yeshua why He couldn’t find a place in a good Jewish city to center His ministry.

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